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Percocet is a drug that is used to treat severe to moderate pain; it is a narcotic analgesic drug. It is made up by the combination of two medicines acetaminophen and oxycodone. Percocet has the effects of both medicine combined, acetaminophen on its own is used to treat fever and pain where oxycodone is a narcotic analgesic which is use treat moderate to severe pain and also for its calming effect. The narcotic in oxycodone works by binding with the opioid receptors of the brain and spinal cord giving relief from pain and giving its trade mark calming effect while acetaminophen works in different way, what is does is simple lower the formation of chemicals in the body which gives body a better to cope with pain hence giving the feeling of low pain.

Buy Percocet Without A Prescription

Percocet is not to be prescribed to a patient who has any kind of allergy to acetaminophen or oxycodone as these are two predominant ingredients in Percocet; doing so could lead to an allergic reaction. Percocet should also be avoided if the patient has had any sort liver disease in the past or even he is a moderate alcohol user that is drinks three or more alcohol drinks in a day because the active ingredient in Percocet is acetaminophen and mixed with alcohol could be very injurious to the health of the patient. A detailed session about your medical history should be conducted before the prescription of Percocet.

Administration of Percocet is very simple as all tablet are taken but if it is giving you stomach problems than it could taken with food, but doing so has the potential to decrease its effectiveness . Percocet has the potential to cause severe to moderate nausea in some of the patients if you as a patient start to feel nauseating effects consult your doctor as to how to cope with them and doctor could suggest simply laying down for a hour or two if that doesn’t work he could also prescribe an antihistamine.

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The general dosage precautions when dealing with Percocet are if you miss on a dose take it as soon as you remember it, but if almost time for the second dose do not take double dose as it overdosing of Percocet can prove to be fatal if you mistakenly over dose on please contact your doctor as soon as possible or call an emergency as it can be fatal. An over dose of Percocet has its symptoms, the signs of its initial symptoms are that you could lose your appetite, have stomach pain, sweating, nausea and confusion and later they could turn into upper stomach pain , yellow skin, dark urine, muscle weakness, shallow breathing or even coma.

It should be noted the Percocet could react with other drugs, so when taking Percocet other medicine which have the quality of numbing like sedative, tranquilizer, sleeping pills and other narcotic medicine should be avoided. Now as Percocet has the potential to lower you reaction time and also is capable of impairing your judgement driving or doing anything that requires extensive analysing on your part should be avoided. As already mention contains acetaminophen which is also a common ingredient in many cough and fever pills so when taking Percocet you should be careful as to what other medicine is being combined with it as it can lead to an over dose which can prove to be fatal for some of the patients. Alcohol is also strictly prohibited when on this drug because drinking alcohol with the simultaneous use of this drug could cause and accelerated effect on you liver.